Many thanks for the loan of the crimping tool and for restoring my faith in British business. I did not think for one minute that there was a British Company left that cared for its customers. You do, and have certainly excelled in caring for them and then going one step further than just
selling a product and making profit.

Mr Clements

Scott arrived exactly on time and completed within the time he said it would take. There were a couple of minor issues that were not expected and he successfully came up with solutions to these and also corrected a couple of faults that previous builders had not finished correctly!! The work was all completed to a high standard and everything was tidied up. An excellent installation and one I would highly recommend.

Water Softener installed.

Brilliant in every way.

Inspection of softener and its replacement.

Had one for sixteen years and would not be without one as they are brilliant.”

Mr & Mrs Murray

“Purchased 10 years ago, never any problems we are highly delighted.”

Mr Bilington

Scott was quick and efficient replacing the 25 yr old Softener I had with a new one. With the exception of the lovely, smooth, silky and very soft water you would not know he had been. A polite and courteous chap.

Replaced an ancient water softener.

The work was properly assessed and costed and I knew fully how the work was to be done. Advice was given as to the way the system worked and the time-scale before the effects of water softening would be apparent. Two months later the benefits have become clear and I am very satisfied with the removal of hard water problems experienced before installation.

Water softener.

This is the best investment I’ve made in ages, will defiantly recommend company and product. My skin is soooo soft and I use much less washing liquid, shampoo, soap etc.


Scott solved the water problem at our practice in an efficient and professional way. Communication, skills, accuracy. Highly recommended.

Water treatment for dental practice.

Dedicated to installing and supporting the finest UK water softeners