Have you ever noticed that our beloved pooches and cats would rather drink out of out of a muddy puddle than from their own bowl?

When rain falls, it falls naturally soft water. So there is no chlorine, insecticides or fluoride and other nasties that are deemed as safe. Basically it is the odour of the water rather than the taste for animals whereas for us we sense both odour and taste.

In my home we drink out of puddles too, but when its really hot we rely on our Kinetico K5 with remineralisation.
The Kinetico K5 is an advanced reverse osmosis system which is far more efficient and economical than the original RO’s. It will remove every contaminant in the water and leave you with pure H2o. To add flavour and give my family the minerals they need, it runs through a remineralisation filter to put back the good stuff.