Here is the summer offer that runs out soon. I have had a very busy start to the week bringing the best soft water to the homes of families in Selsey, Bognor Regis, Portsmouth, Storrington. Even a high-tech K5 reverse osmosis system for a dental surgery. Designed to remove everything and anything from the water as to make it fit for sterilization of the dental tools.

The K5 is not just for the professional dental practice. I have one at home and so do many of my other clients who want the best quality drinking water. To complement the Kinetico premier compact choose the K5. If you want to protect your home and your hair and skin from hard water and limescale then why not protect the inside of your body with quite simply the most healthiest water available and lets go one step further and add a remineralization cartridge to put back the good stuff our body needs.

Why not give me a call on 07863331416 and i will give you a quote.