This is why…….

“Why would you want a water softener?” …. Well the first thing is you are reading up on it so you know that there is something up with your water.

No doubt you are tired of cleaning limescale, fed up the reptilian feeling you get after a bath or shower, your hair is damaged and dry and feels like you have been swimming in chlorine. You get razor burn and your towels are like a mix between sandpaper and cardboard! Let’s face it, there is no good that comes out of hard water.

Once you have had the luxury of soft water you will never go back. I use the term “luxury”, however I feel necessity would be a more appropriate word.

We spend money on insurance for appliances, products to protect them, Calgon, rinse aid limescale remover for the shower. We spend money on moisturiser special skin care products blah blah blah!

The answer is simple… Why spend the time, money and effort on the cure when a water softener is the prevention?

People, like you, are purchasing a water softener from me, everyday. In areas like Hampshire, West Sussex to East Sussex. These are towns and cities like the one you live in such as Portsmouth, Chichester, Worthing and Brighton. The entire area is considered aggressively hard water and you will benefit from a water softener.

Stop surfing the net, and request an expert, Me, to get in touch.