On most electric water softeners that I service in Hampshire, West Sussex and East Sussex that are over a certain age. This can be anything from 1 year up to an average of 5 – 7 years.
They have served a purpose until the repair outweighs the value of the water softener. In these cases my clients would rather opt for a Kinetico non electric block salt water softener and here is why.
With a single tank water softener it will regenerate one of three times. To early to late or just on time.
With the Kinetico it will regenerate on time every time.
If I have two samples of water one from a twin tank non electric block salt water softener and one from a single tank you would probably say that they were the same. Well, partly I would agree with you. The reasons they may not be the same is for one simple reason. A water softener has two jobs, one to soften the water and the other is to clean itself (regeneration). A single tank water softener cannot do both as it is set to go into regeneration by a timer. If the capacity of the water softener is reached before the regeneration kicks in then hard water will get through and contaminate the soft water, taking days for it to work its way out of the system.
If it regenerates to early thats a waste of salt and water. In some cases using up to 125 litres each time, so very inefficient.

Is a dual tank system better?

As it has two tanks, the water softener can regenerate and still deliver soft water all at the same time Thanks to its sophisticated metering system that can even measure a drop of water. Therefore it will go into regeneration on time every time. So if you are not home or not using any water it will just sit there idle waiting for you.
Electric water softeners need….
Annual servicing.
25kg bags of tablet salt.
Electric supply.
Kinetico water softeners need…..
No annual servicing.
4kg block salt
No electric supply
I am surveying in West Sussex this week. Visiting Chichester, Worthing, East Preston and Ferring